Public School of Innovation

What is a Public School of Innovation

Meeting Street Schools pioneered the concept of a public-private partnership between school districts and private contributors. In 2014, with the opening of MSE@Brentwood in partnership with Charleston County School District, MSE@B became the first of its kind public-private not-for-profit partnership school in South Carolina. Subsequently, Meeting Street Academy- Spartanburg partnered with Spartanburg District 7 (“D7”) in 2016 to become the second public-private partnership school in our state.


In the spring of 2021, South Carolina passed legislation that renamed the former private-public partnerships “Public Schools of Innovation.” The passing of this bill also allowed for other school districts across South Carolina to implement Public Schools of Innovation within their own communities.

How does it work?

MSE@Brentwood, MSE@Burns, and MSA-Spartanburg are traditional public elementary schools open to all families living in defined geographic attendance zones. The School Districts fully fund the normal per-pupil cost they would otherwise be spending, and MSS layers on additional funding to ensure the full execution of our educational model.

Added MSS funding makes the following possible at MSE@Brentwood, MSE@Burns, and MSA-Spartanburg:

  • Early Childhood: PK3 programming and full-day PK4
  • Expanded Learning: Longer school day/longer school year
  • Professional Development: Increased investment in professional development for teachers
  • Wrap-around Services: Extensive menu of academic, medical, behavioral and social-emotional supports
  • Alumni Services: 20-year commitment to students and families