Amy Mims

Executive Director

Amy Mims is the Executive Director of Meeting Street Schools. A graduate of the College of Charleston, her career began as a special education teacher in Spartanburg County. After earning a Master’s degree in Educational Administration, she served as an assistant principal and principal in two of Charleston County’s highest poverty, lowest-performing schools. Amy and her team significantly altered student performance outcomes, moving from Title I Probation status to consistently meeting AYP across all student groups. In 2006, Amy joined Greenville County Schools, where she led the work that increased another high poverty, low-performing school’s state report card rating from “Unsatisfactory” to “Average” in two years. In 2008, Amy joined the third largest district in the country as Chief Area Officer, leading 30 Chicago Public Schools that served more than 25,000 students.

During her tenure, the number of schools on District Performance Probation dropped from 14 to zero. Amy joined an educational consulting firm as Chief Academic Officer in 2010, where she supported more than 250 school improvement projects in districts across the country. This work led her right back to South Carolina, where she fell in love with Meeting Street Schools, deeply connecting to our mission. Having devoted her career to proving what schools can make possible for under-resourced students, the chance to support this mission in her home state was a dream come true. She was named Executive Director of our organization in September of 2014. In her spare time, Amy enjoys working on her family farm with the menagerie of creatures who live there, including donkeys, horses, cows and canines.

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