Gabriela “Gabi” Dalnekoff

Director of Capital Projects

Gabi Dalnekoff has been a part of MSS since prior to the opening of our first campus in 2008. As Chief Operating Officer, Gabi supports the leadership team at the schools as it relates to operations. She focuses on everything that is not directly connected to instruction.

A business graduate of the College of Charleston, Gabi began her professional career while in college running tennis and sports camps for children. Gabi earned her Master’s in Business Administration from The Citadel and speaks three languages fluently. In 2006, she joined Sherman Capital Markets, where she met the founder of our organization and quickly jumped on board to help define MSS’s core principles. A native of Sao Paulo, Brazil and the daughter of a teacher and a businessman, Gabi grew up watching her family and extended family advocate for a better education for all. Thankful for the opportunity to study in the United States, Gabi believes in education as the means to a better life.

Gabi is a sports enthusiast, especially tennis, a sport she has played most of her life. As a junior player, Gabi represented Brazil in several countries, and while in college, she played Division I and was on a full scholarship all four years. Gabi is passionate about all sports but her biggest love of all are her two daughters and her husband. Gabi is thrilled to raise her family in Charleston, SC and to make an impact in a community that has given her so much!

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