Letter: School Excellence

August 30, 2016 - MSS In The News

Congratulations to Meeting Street Academy for its overwhelming success. I was thrilled to read the Aug. 13 column so passionately crafted by the school’s founder, and my friend, Ben Navarro. Ben and the faculty at Meeting Street Academy (MSA) are to be commended for their work. They have indeed created a culture of educational excellence through which MSA students are succeeding on campus and beyond.

Ashley Hall is privileged to partner with MSA on a variety of initiatives including a dedicated scholarship program that offers girls the opportunity to continue on a strong academic path at Ashley Hall upon graduating from MSA.

These extraordinary students are not only academically prepared but bring a confident sense of self to campus that adds a depth and richness to our community beyond measure.

Thank you, Ben Navarro and Meeting Street Academy, for your commitment to the children of Charleston.

Jill Muti

Post and Courier

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