5 Easy Ways to Support Your Child’s Mental Health Over Summer Break

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Summer break is almost here! For some kids this is a welcomed, natural mental health break. For others, this time away from school can be difficult. Here are five easy ways to help support every child’s mental health over the summer break. 

Family Time

While we understand parents do not get the summers off with their children, it is important to build in some family time. Family dinners, game night, walks around the park, anytime where you can build connections and strengthen your relationship will add to everyone’s mental health. 

Healthy Habits

Our mental health is connected to our eating, physical activity, and sleeping habits. Limit their intake of sugar, encourage drinking water, encourage them to try a new fruit or vegetable and make sure to model what you preach. After all, your mental health is important, too!  

Outdoor Play

We know the outside temperature can be brutal at times, but do not underestimate the importance of Vitamin D from the sun and being outside. In addition to the health benefits the sun produces, being outdoors improves motor skills, social interactions, physical activity, sleep habits, mood regulation, and much more. 

Limit Screen Time

Technology is a blessing and a curse. Too much screen time has been linked to physical, mental, and social health issues. And not to scare you parents, but internet trolls and predators are a real concern. Talk to your kids about internet safety and monitor their use and messages. See a list of ideas on how to unplug here.


Kids thrive when they know daily expectations. These routines will reduce stress and anxiety for both you and your child. Consider setting up a wake-up routine, a dinner routine, and even a bedtime. 

These tips not only will support your child’s mental health but will also help them easily transition back to school.


By Siobhan Ragan

Siobhan started her career with MSS at the flagship school in 2014. After serving MSA-C for two years, she transferred to the upstate at MSA-S and currently serves as the proud Assistant Principal. 

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