Next-Level In 2022-23: A Message From Meeting Street Schools

Story by Meeting Street Schools / June 2, 2022

What A Year It Has Been!  As you head into Memorial Day and the final week of school, there is so much to celebrate and reflect upon as it pertains to 2021-22.  The hard work and dedication to take things to the #NEXTLEVEL this year was awesome.  Here, we look ahead.

We would be remiss if we didn’t first share that we continue to recruit team members for the 2022-23 school year and beyond, particularly for middle school teachers to join our growing campuses across Charleston.  Please continue to refer incredible people to our growing mission.

As we shared back in March, Meeting Street Schools has spent much of the last several months getting ready for 2022-23.  We have continued to consider multiple sources of data in our collective planning: the academic and life trajectories of our students, the results of org-wide surveys, best practices from across the network and nation, the voices of team members through various collaborative forums, the statewide policy landscape, etc.  We have continued to triangulate that data and take various actions.

Here is one more major initiative, in addition to the collective academic calendar and uniform fall break, that we’re psyched to share today:

NEW Team Health and Wellness Opportunities:

After collecting and studying the feedback received from the wellness surveys, Meeting Street Schools is making major investments in health and wellness initiatives.  These include:

  • GingerPart of our health and wellness suite of services, Ginger is a new org-wide app that offers health and wellness coaches for day-to-day support for life’s challenges.  It is confidential and 100% funded by the Network.  It is flexible and optional.  In short, it allows team members to access real-time support with a coach day or night, 365 days a year. Look out for more details in July. The Ginger App will be available starting in August 2022.
  • Incentfit: Also part of our suite of services, Incentfit is a new org-wide program that provides financial reimbursements for being active.  In short, each team member is eligible for up to $30 a month (funded by the Network) towards a membership and/or other forms of fitness.  It works for walkers, runners, hikers, and home fitness enthusiasts as well! Look out for more details in July. The Incentfit App will be available starting in August 2022.
  • Healthy Snacks & Drinks: After piloting this concept with the Mavericks in Spartanburg this past year, we’re now working with your Directors, Operations to roll-out org-wide.  Also funded fully by the Network, you’ll see free healthy snacks and drinks on campus next year.  Dig in!  We’re working on placement, regular ordering, etc.
  • Workroom Vibes: We’ll also be making a few upgrades to key workrooms over the summer.  Beyond the healthy snacks/drinks and Ginger/Incentfit info, you can expect to see a few other enhancements to make things just a little more comfortable.  If you have any suggestions or considerations on this one, send to

As summer begins, we are honored to roll-out these #NEXTLEVEL Health & Wellness initiatives at Meeting Street Schools.  Upon return for Launch Day on July 26, 2022, they will be all-systems-go.  We are so proud to be a part of a team that puts students and families first every day and works to educate the WHOLE CHILD.  Hopefully, these new initiatives will strengthen us as individuals, as whole adults, and as a community, because they are investments in the people who dedicate themselves every day to the mission of reforming the educational status quo.

See you at GRADUATION DAY, Last Days, & Beyond.  #SOLIDGREEN

*NOTE* Open Enrollment for New and Returning Staff will be from Wednesday, July 6th through Thursday, July 21st. Kaitlyn will share more information directly via school email during the month of July for staff to be able to make informed decisions, along with hosting Virtual Office Hours and some on-campus Office Hours that will be shared out during the Open Enrollment timeframe. In the meantime, if you have any payroll, benefits, or Workday related questions, please email


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