Summer 2023 Professional Development

Story by Jen Jordan / August 7, 2023

During New Teacher PD (7/10-7/21), we focused on the following:

  • Building teacher investment in Meeting Street as an organization by prioritizing core values and cultivating a sense of belonging within the team. 
  • Equipping teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective lesson internalization. 
  • Developing teacher capacity to cultivate thriving classroom culture by practicing strategies for maintaining rigorous behavioral and academic standards, fostering student motivation and trust, and planning and executing classroom procedures. 

During School Based PD (7/24-8/8), we focused on the following:

  • Providing content-specific development for teachers in each subject area to continue supporting the internalization process. 
  • Internalizing schoolwide procedures and operations in preparation for a safe and joyful week one. 
  • Incorporating new teachers into each school’s culture and investing the team in this year’s priorities. 

First few weeks of school, we have the following goals:

  • 100% of classrooms are on pace with the curricula 
  • 90% of students follow directions the first time they are given
  • 90% of students address their behavior immediately in a respectful manner when addressed
  • In 90% of classrooms, all students execute clear and efficient transitions, routines, and procedures

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  • 1/3

“MSA is a family. Once you’re in, you’re in. They said they would follow our kids from K-3 to college and they actually lived up to what they said they would do. Not only did MSA challenge my daughter academically but it also exposed her to new things that she probably wouldn’t have been exposed to at our previous neighborhood school. Our journey at MSA was exciting and rewarding. They actually walk the walk.”

— Tyeka GrantParent

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“We come into work everyday truly believing that our students are capable of achieving anything that is put in front of them. Here at MSS, students are provided the opportunity to achieve success through the facilitation of well-educated teachers, resources, and a responsive classroom school environment.”

— NikToshia GilesTeacher

  • 3/3

“Meeting Street Academy is my family. They taught me that I am valuable. I am an asset to the world…They asked me, ‘What is your dream?’ I had never been asked that before. The MSS community gives me the strength to pursue my dreams.”

— Kadelyn SteedStudent