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READ365 Partner Interview: Mae and Tori

Sarah McCliment

Mae and Tori are longstanding partners in the READ365 program. Together, they have read Wonder by  R.J. Palacio, Front Desk by Kelly Yangwho and just this past summer, Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. Check out their interview below!


What would be another great title for Bud, Not Buddy?
Mae: Bud Caldwell’s Rules for Life
Tori: Bud Caldwell’s Journey to His Father


What emotions did you feel while reading Bud, Not Buddy?
Mae:I felt worried for Bud because he didn’t have anyone that was on his side in life. When he was in scary situations, he was all alone.
Tori:Sad and mad because his foster parents seem abusive. I also felt sad because Todd was framing Buddy for something he did not do.


Which character is most like your partner and why?
Mae:I think Tori is like Bugs because she is very loyal and friendship is very important to her.
Tori:The parents that helped Bud get breakfast in the church reminded me of Mae.


What would you rate Bud, Not Buddy on a scale of 1-10?
Mae: 8/10
Tori: Right now, I’m at an 8 but think it’ll turn to a 10.


What’s one thing you admire in your reading partner?
Mae:I admire that Tori always comes in with a good attitude no matter how her day is going. She’s also very honest.
Tori:I admire that Mae is sweet and kindhearted. Even though Mae couldn’t stay the whole time during our field trip, she still came and stayed for about the half the time.


What do you think your reading partner’s future occupation is? 

Mae: I think Tori’s future job is something creative. Maybe in fashion. She wants to be a youtuber, actress, and artist.


What is your reading partner’s job? 

Tori: She works in an office.


What are you going to miss the most about READ365?


Tori:I am going to miss Mae and reading twice a week.


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