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READ365 Partner Interview: Manuel and Lucas

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Sarah McCliment

To kick off the new READ365 season, we decided to highlight two longstanding partners in the program: Lucas and Manuel. Reading together since spring 2018, they will be continuing this fall and reading The Call of the Wild by Jack London. This past summer, they read The Toothpaste Millionaire by Jean Merill. Check out their interview below!

What would be another great title for the book?
Lucas: Hard Math Toothpaste.
Manuel: What Lucas said, Hard Math Toothpaste.

What emotions did you feel while reading this book?
Lucas: It made me thoughtful of what we read. You couldn’t skim over paragraphs because of the math problems.
Manuel: It made me feel like a nerd, but in a good way.

Which character is most like your partner and why?
Lucas: Kate because she asks a lot of questions and wants to know everything like Manuel.
Manuel: Rufus because every time I have questions, Lucas always answers them.  In the book, Rufus is the person who knows everything.

How likely are you to recommend this book to a friend on a scale of 1-10?
Lucas: 10 if they like Math, 7 otherwise.
Manuel: I would only recommend this book to someone who likes math.

What’s one thing you admire in your reading partner?
Lucas: I like how inquisitive he is. If we don’t know something, we almost always google it.
Manuel: He helps me read, answer questions I don’t know, and is always there for me.

What is your reading partner’s job?
Manuel: Lucas’ job is about technology. He helps get our schools new technology and all that. He also makes sure it works for our teachers.

What do you think your reading partner’s future occupation is?
Lucas: A soccer player or if he breaks his leg, then a sports magazine writer.

What are you going to miss the most about READ365?
Lucas: I am going to miss reading twice a week.
Manuel: I will miss reading books with Lucas. I will also miss catching up and talking about video games.

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